//Live-Event Web-Streaming//

We provide a number of different live-event web-streaming services that our clients can take advantage of. We find a large number of corporate clients want a live ‘presence’ online & usually within a social-media application. Maybe certain delegates cannot make the event in person. Why not allow them to watch it live, from anywhere in the world.

We can provide live-event web-streaming to YouTube Live, Twitter, FaceBook Live as well as to specific host sites. In the simplest form, we can take any number of camera feeds (depending on what your budget/ requirements are), mix your event live (this gives the event more of a live TV broadcast feel) & stream that ‘mix’ out to an end source to be viewed by anyone that cannot attend the event in person. We provide our clients with a full HD recording of the mixed event as soon as it has finished!

//Interactive Q&A Services//

Traditionally in a conference environment, after a guest speaker has finished their presentation the audience are invited to ask questions. What research shows is that in a scenario where people feel vulnerable they will tend to keep quiet. Questions that are possibly really important or that hold weight in terms of what the day is about go un-asked & never see the light of day. We see this as wasted opportunity & to a certain extent defeats the object of organizing an event in the first place. Surely an event is to promote stimulating conversation?

We use some really clever Q&A interactive software programs that enable your audience to simply download an app & upload comment on certain topics/ presentations in real time. Again, our tech team can invigilate this process & we have the ability to remove any unwanted comments. Similar to our social media wall service we are able to send the commentary wall out to any presentation screen you like for the audience to engage with live!

//Social Media Walls//

Social media walls at events aren’t a new concept, they’ve been around for ages. So, what do we do differently? We use a number of software solutions designed & made by creatives! The software we use enables our clients to combine a number of different social media platforms alongside hashtags to create a ‘buzz’ and promote positive energy around their events. At agreed strategic times we can send a full ‘wall’ of social media comments to the main presentation screen or to any other screen’s being used for that matter. Our operator has full editorial control of live comments streaming through the software & can easily invigilate & quickly discard any suspect or awkward posts. We can take a mixture of Facebook, Twitter & Instagram posts to a branded media wall to provoke interesting & simulating conversation.

//Video Production//

To complement our streaming services, we also offer full video production to our clients. We are happy to work with you pre/ post event & to capture/ create/ provide whatever video content you need.

//Event Photography//

Paul Haywood, our company photo genius can provide complete event photography packages. Paul has a Master’s Degree in Photography and has worked in commercial photography & video for over 16 years. He has provided services for a wide spectrum of different clients including live-events, commercial photography, fashion, photojournalism & fine art photography.

//Technical Support & Tech Kit//

We own a lot of technical kit therefore we are happy to supply our kit & technical support to any company or venue. Many of our clients use rooms in venues that already have built in projectors, screens & PA systems. We simply supplement that by supplying the back-end video & sound kit (alongside our support) to make sure the tech for the entire event runs seamlessly.

We’re more than happy to work alongside any event venue for our clients. If you are a venue wanting technical support we are happy to provide that directly to you for your clients as well.